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Norfords was founded in 2016 by Michael Hughes, with the belief that tailor made clothing should be within reach for everyone at an affordable price without compromising on fit or quality of garments.

Moving from New Zealand in 2010, Michael found a career and passion for fashion and particularly suiting. He quickly made his mark by progressing from a casual employee to managerial roles but as his career started to evolve he noticed a unique opportunity and gap in the market for affordable, tailor made clothing of exceptional quality.

Establishing relationships with reputable clothing manufacturers from Hong Kong and sourcing superb quality fabrics from Italian and British mills and the use of Australian merino wool, Norfords was born.

Keeping in line with our core beliefs Michael began to work on a business model that is stream lined without compromising on our customer experience. Physical stores were among the highest costs for retailers and manufacturing bulk garments that inevitably need altered to fit the majority of people. Norfords does neither, no physical stores or the need to produce bulk garments. Your custom-made garment is a one off creation and not mass-produced, reducing the amount of resources required and our carbon footprint.

Moving on to 2018 Abraham Slatter joined the Norfords family and started to begin work to help bring our vision to life. The Norfords experience now is a well polished and exciting opportunity to create a garment that isn't just one of a kind but uniquely made to fit only you.

- Michael Hughes

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