With a passion for men’s suiting and tailoring, founder Michael Hughes wanted to create a new platform on how we shop and buy clothing, focusing on quality and fit.

Without the overhanging cost of operating stores, Norfords has a competitive edge when it comes to service, all of our focus is on providing a stream lined, exciting experience.

What used to be a long drawn out process finding a suit then a style you like just to find out your size isn’t available in store which can be a frustrating and stressful experience especially when your wedding day or special occasion is just around the corner.

With Norfords we take over 20 measurements so your garment is made specially for you, eliminating the need to search for your size or style. Its tailor made just for you.We believe in people and the people is what drives us at Norfords, we want you to look and feel your best in your very own tailor made suit.

We have representatives across Queensland and are always looking for ambitious, passionate people to join our team to create a better, more people focused shopping experience.